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ecomixEcomix underfloor heating pump mixer sets are designed to blend flow and return from the heat source in underfloor heating systems which have a heating load of up to 15Kw.

The Ecomix pump sets have been specifically designed for installation with manifolds and their lightweight design makes them ideal for wall mounting.

Featuring a fully ERP compliant, energy efficient pump as well as a port for an automatic air vent, the Ecomix pump set is the installers choice for fuel efficient, reliable underfloor heating installations.


  • Blends flow and return to keep a constant floor temperature
  • Supplied with an ERP compliant, high efficiency pump
  • Suitable for a heat loading of up to 15Kw
  • Designed for use with 210 mm centre manifolds
  • Temperature range 30 - 65°C
  • Temperature stability ± 2°C
  • Maximum static pressure 10 bar
  • Maximum dynamic pressure 5 bar
  • Maximum inlet pressure ratio  2:1
  • Maximum inlet temperature 90°C
  • Minimum temperature differential 10°C




Product Range

Ecomix 15kW pump mixer set Grundfos UPM3 A Rated QMPSBHE

Pump performance curve



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Performance Curve

Electrical data, 1 x 230 V,  50 Hz

Speed P¹ (W)  1 ⅟1 (A)
Min. 2 0.05
Max. 53 0.52