Why use Pert-Al-Pert pipe rather than Pex or HDPE pipe?
The Pert-Al-Pert pipe gives a better heat output than other types of pipe, it also has a lifetime guarantee, with a lifespan in excess of 200 years. Also unlike other pipe it can be formed by hand and has no spring back, making it quicker and safer to install.
I've been advised that only stainless steel manifolds don't rust, why use brass or Polymer?
As any Plumber will tell you, the collective terminology for taps and valves is brassware. Brass is a hard wearing, non-rusting material that has been used in heating system ever since we have had indoor plumbing and there is no reason why not to use it in underfloor heating. As for Polymer this is a light weight modern manifold with lower heat loss, and lower pressure drops across it than traditional manifolds. By having lower pressure drops, thus giving the heating pump less resistance, which in turn could increase the life span of the pump.
What is the maximum thickness of floor covering I can have with Underfloor Heating?
Engineered woods no more than 22mm, Stone and Ceramic tiles have a good thermal transfer and can be up to 50mm thick. Carpet and underlay need to have a combined tog value of less than 2.5T.
What’s the Minimum Screed Thickness for Underfloor Heating?
By selecting the correct flow screed as thin as 40mm, normal is 50mm for flow screed and sand/ cement screed between 65 – 70mm. We do however recommend flow screed as opposed to sand/cement.
How much will it cost to run my Underfloor Heating system?
Clearly this will depend on the size of property, how well insulated the property is, and they type of fuel you are running your central heating system on. However all things being equal, underfloor heating can be up to 20% more efficient than a radiator system.
What is the best fuel to choose to run my Underfloor Heating system on?
Electric, Oil or Gas fired boilers are all suitable for use with underfloor heating. Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are particularly good with underfloor heating systems, the heat pump is at its most efficient when producing water between 40-45deg C, which is a perfect temperature on which to run an underfloor system. Biomass (solid fuel) boilers can be used with careful consideration, such as using a buffer vessel within the design. We would also recommend the use of a buffer vessel or low loss header if using an ASHP to maintain the heat pumps minimum flow rate requirements. Why not pop over to our friends at and check out their extensive range, they have an extensive range of buffers to suit any system and can assist in selection.


How do I order a complete system?
Send us your plans and we will produce a free no obligation floor design, we will return your quotation and if you like what you see, we will guide you to one of our distributors, they will take payment and ship to you either for next day delivery or on a more convenient date to suit your requirements.
How do I order components, rather than a complete system?
Let us know the components you are interested in and we will send a b-spoke quotation to you based on the quantities you require, typically within the hour. If you wish to accept our quotation we will guide you to one of our distributors, they will take payment and ship to your instructions, either next day or deliver on a more convenient date.
How do I order bulk quantities?
Much the same way as components, however this is restricted to trade customers only and delivery times may be longer depending upon the quantities and the components.


Can I have a trade account?
Not with Qualitas, however you may already have a trade account with one of our national distributors or you may be able to obtain one from them.


Can I return over or wrongly ordered materials?
Each of our distributors will have their own returns policy, as a rule of thumb however, they will accept returns providing it is a full pack, unopened and in A1 resalable condition and is returned at your expense. If a retail customer you will have to return within the distance selling rules set out on the distributors website. If a trade customer, please see the relevant sellers T&C’s

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