Floor Systems

Floor Systems

Whether your project is a new build or a major renovation, we have floor systems to suit any underfloor heating system and floor situation.

Floating Floor Panels

High quality extruded polystyrene panels, covered with a fibreglass mesh on both sides are for use with our under tile heating cables and mats. Also ideal for wet rooms.

Screed Floor

Preformed sheet of impact resistant molded polystyrene foil named Kilma Strong. Consists of a thin foil of a thickness of 1 mm
impact-resistant expanded polystyrene, color black.  (It has a highresistance to pressure and tread).
This surface is also characterized by a pattern of pads contoured for fixing the pipe with a basic geometry squared. The panels are assembled with each other by interlocking.  Overlap the panels and inserting the molded studs into each other as per the illustration above.

Existing Floors

QFFP150 Floating Floor Panel: 150mm pipe centres complete with returns and circuit supply track.

QFFP200 Floating Floor Panel: 200mm pipe centres complete with returns and circuit supply track.

Floating floor panels are just 25mm thick, hence can be used with our  16mm Pert-Al-Pert pipe. In new build or an existing floor the use of a 16mm pipe rather than a smaller bore pipe means more heat from the same area and you can also have a 100 meter circuits, rather than just 80 meters and therefore potentially save on the number of manifold circuits required for your system.