16mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe



Kilma multi-layer tube for underfloor heating systems

16mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe

QPERT16100 - 100m coil of 16mm x 2mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe

QPERT16250 - 250m coil of 16mm x 2mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe

Realistic 10 year insurance backed transferable warranty against manufacturing faults. Full details of the cover provided will be supplied upon request.

Many of our competitors quote lifetime or up to 200 year warranties, without insurance back-up these warranties are just sales gimmicks.

Manufactured in compliance with  EN ISO 21003 -2 “ Multilayer piping systems for hot and cold water installations inside buildings - Part 2:Pipes”

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Kilma multi-layer tube for underfloor heating systems

QSZA16 Euro-cone fitting 16mm UFH Pipe x 1/2" adaptor

Unlike many of our competitors pipe,  our 16mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe can be used on DHW & Cold water systems as well as radiator and fan coil systems


RBM Tita-Fix can be used successfully in the domestic, civil and industrial sectors. For use in underfloor heating as well as, DHW and DHW distribution systems. May also be used in heating systems utalising radiators and fan coil units..


RBM Tita-Fix pipes have been manufactured to combine the reliability and solidity of pipes made of metal with the practical installation of plastic pipes and to avoid the defects which characterise both types of products.




The main advantages of the RBM Tita-Fix systems are as  follows:

Quick laying of pipes within installations

  • Manual cold shaping of the pipe. Even very narrow curve radiuses do not lead to section
  • The pipe is light and robust (the aluminium core makes  pipes resistant to heavy trampling and also to accidental  impact)
  • After the pipe has been shaped, the shape taken remains  unvaried: whole parts of a system can be pre-arranged in different areas of the building site


Reduced Expansion

  • Thermal expansion is very similar to that of metal pipes, that is to say it corresponds to about 1/4÷1/8 of the expansion which takes place in most cases of plastic materials.


Pipe pressure loss and resistance to corrosion and chemical

  • The internal polyethylene layer has a very smooth surface and makes it possible to reduce pressure losses dramatically compared with traditional metal pipes. Furthermore, this layer

    • makes pipes particularly resistant against acid and basic chemical agents;
    • avoids incrustations and scale deposits (the formation of algae and of bacterial colonies fluid dynamic characteristics can be maintained better in the long term).
    • effective protection of the aluminium core against chemical or natural

The special layout of the pipe avoids the risk of electrochemical corrosion because of the isolation of the metal core.


Acoustic attenuation

  • (against noise caused by turbulence, vibrations, etc.)


Oxygen impermeability

The middle layer made of aluminium makes this product completely impermeable to oxygen, gas and water vapour, thus avoiding:

  • the proliferation of algae and bacterial colonies;
  • circuit corrosion phenomena


Ultraviolet impermeability

The internal layer made of polyethylene is protected by an aluminium layer which avoids the progressive degeneration resulting from damage caused by exposure to UV rays.





MULTI-LAYER PE-RT – ALUMINIUM – PE-RT PIPE 12mm ……………………….. Coming soon