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Our range of underfloor accessories has been specifically designed to complement our range of brass and polymer underfloor heating manifolds.

QEC16 16mm x 2mm euro cone for connection of pipe to manifold
QSZA16 16mm UFH Pipe x 1/2" adaptor for single zone pump QSZP1


QAVDG1 Manifold Automatic Air Vent and Drain Group
QMFPC Manifold Blanking Cap
QMFEGCP Manifold Coupling



QBV1 1" Manifold Ball Vales 1 x Red handle plus 1 x Blue handle
QPV1G 1" Manifold Vales 1 x Red plus 1 x Blue handle with Gauges



Manifold Actuators 230v AC

QMAH230 Manifold Actuator Head 230v, with position indicator, two wire



QTPS60 60mm Push Pin Pipe Staple x 100


QTS60 60mm Floor staples for use in Tracker Gun x 300




QCP100 Corrugated sheath protector (conduit pipe) 20mm x 50 meters black




QPB16 90° Long Radius Bend Former and pipe protector




QES608 Edge Insulation LDHE 8mm x150mm x 60 metres with Adhesive over full height




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